HIT AtlantA Tennis Center

3110 Presidential Drive  Atlanta, GA 30340     (678) 953-1967

Racquet stringing

Hit Atlanta utilizes two Gamma stringing machines to quickly and accurately service your stringing needs. Our staff can advise you on which string type and tension best suits you and your game. We also offer hybrid stringing, which provides a blend of durability with comfort, power, and touch.

All string jobs are $27 (excluding natural gut).

Gamma Strings

Hit Atlanta has most types of Gamma strings available, including 

TNT, Live Wire, RZR, Poly Z, Syn Gut, Dura Spin, Moto, Zo Verve,

Zo Dart, Zo Twist, and others.

Other Available Strings

Tecnifibre: Synthetic Gut, Pro Redcode, NRG, X-One Biphase, Black Code, Pro Mix                               Luxilon: Big Banger Alu Power            

Prince: Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex           

Wilson: Sensation